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Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester...What a Read!

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Steven Manchester's next book will be out on January 6, 2015. Voted one of the Must Read Books of 2015 by Cyrus Webb PresentsGooseberry Island is sure to be the next hit from one of our #1 bestselling authors. The book looks at the budding relationship between Lindsay and David, who have to deal with David's deployment overseas and his recovery from the trauma he witnessed in the service of his country.

PTSD is one of the biggest problems facing soldiers as they return from war. As an experienced veteran himself, Steven Manchester understands that. That's why, during the promotion of this book, Steven and The Story Plant are going to be working toward helping returning veterans. And we need your help to do that.

From now until January 31, 2015, we will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project for every copy of Gooseberry Island that is pre-ordered and sold. All you have to do is email us a copy of your receipt and we will make the donation. In addition to that, we will also donate a copy of the e-book to returning soldiers, one donation for each copy sold.

Here's the really important part - we need your help to spread the word about this campaign! Tell your neighbors, tell your family members, tell the person working the checkout line in the grocery story. Just tell as many people as you can and ask them to help spread the word too. We want this campaign to go viral! Let's do something good this holiday season and celebrate those who protect and serve our country!

You can read more about Gooseberry Island at our website. It is available for sale at AmazonBarnes & NobleiBooksKobo, and IndieBound.

Curious about Wounded Warrior or want to make your own donation? Visit their websitehere.

Book Review

Gooseberry Island: "Mr. Manchester handles [PTSD] with great compassion.  He brings to life the hardships that are suffered by our returning servicemen.  His characters have depth and the story is compelling.  It is not only a novel, it helps to inform the reader of the difficulties experienced and the silent life and death struggle that goes on every day around us." -From Book Bug Blog

Book Review

Gooseberry Island: "I’ve said it before – Steven Manchester has a very definite style of his own. His books all display beautiful descriptive writing, poignancy, and include an inspirational message, and this one will simply warm your heart." -From And The Story Unfolds

Book Review

Gooseberry Island: "This author did a wonderful job with this novel showing how war can change a person and how so many of these military people die of suicide and bringing to life the many hardships along with disorders(PTSD) that are suffered by many of our returning military men and women." -FromArlena, Goodreads member
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Here is my review of Gooseberry Island.......

Title:  Gooseberry Island
Author:  Steven Manchester
Publisher:  The Story Plant
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5

"Gooseberry Island" by Steven Manchester

Book Description....

"They met at the worst possible moment...or maybe it was just in time. David McClain was about to go to war and Lindsey Wood was there at his going-away party, capturing his heart when falling for a woman was the last thing on his mind. While David was serving his country, he stayed in close contact with Lindsey. But war changes a person, and when he came home very little had the same meaning that it had before – including the romance that had sustained him. Was love truly unconquerable, or would it prove to be just another battlefield casualty?

Gooseberry Island is the most nuanced, dramatic, and romantic novel yet from a writer whose ability to plumb the depths of human emotion knows few peers."

What I liked about this novel....

This was one interesting story that kept my attention till the end reading this in one setting.  The characters were are remarkable...David who was a Army Ranger back from a second tour in Afghanistan looking for someone to love  and Lindsey  who is dealing with her fathers PTSD from the Gulf war and would luck have it these two meet on the beach and their is a immediate connection..  Only having a day or so before David is to ship out will they be able to keep this connection that they same to have for each other while he is gone for a year?  How will war change them especially after what happens to David that will 'over well him and leave him shaken and devastated.'  This was very interesting how this author was able to put this story together to let the reader see some of it all.  Will this be a lasting situation for David and Lindsey after his return?    This is where I say you will have to pick up the good read to see how this will all come out.  I liked  the description of' Gooseberry Island' as this author gives us  the scenes of  nature that is around them in the read giving you the feeling of seeing it all.  I definitely learned quite a bit about our military people.  This author did a wonderful job with this novel showing how war can change a person and how so many of these military people die of suicide and bringing to life the many hardships along with disorders(PTSD) that are suffered by many of our returning military men and women.

I want to thank this author for writing this excellent story that maybe we didn't get the happy ending... but definitely a realistic one along with an inspirational message at the end.  

I received a free advance copy of Gooseberry Island from the author.

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Trying to Outrun the Love of God.... Book Tour October-November 2014 By: Author Karen Adams

Author Tour Schedule

FEATURING ......... Author Karen Adams



How can God reach someone who appears unreachable? Will the love of God be enough to break every chain and loose the trap of the enemy? In her debut book, Author Karen Adams struggles to understand how a loving God would allow life to be so unbearable. Facing childhood molestation, years of crack addiction, nervous breakdowns, and admissions to mental wards, she learned that no matter how difficult life was, God continued to extend His love. Trying to Outrun the Love of God, is a deeply moving story of one woman’s journey filled with suffering and pain, but one that ultimately finds wholeness and deliverance in the arms of a loving Savior. A must read for all those who think they are alone. 


Karen Adams survived childhood molestation, 7 years of crack addiction, 4 nervous breakdown, two admissions to mental wards of hospitals against her will. She is now an Evangelist who teaches and preaches on the transforming love of God. She has a burden for emotional wounded and hurting people. She attended college at all of the Alameda County Jr. Colleges. In her free time she enjoys, traveling, movies, reading and spending time with her cat Noches and her Cockatiel birdy.

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Please check out my review of  Trying to Outrun the Love of God at: Arlena's Book Reviews:





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Breakfall {Book 1 Of The Fall Trilogy} By: Kate Pavelle

Excerpt 1

AS ASBJORN helped the others put the mats away, he realized he had had a surprisingly good time. He saw no good reason to reveal his identity as the new karate club teacher. Not yet. Staying incognito for a little while longer appealed to him, and Sean Gallaway caught his attention as someone interesting. There was a sense of centered power within him, a sense of playful relaxation that Asbjorn had encountered only a few times in his fifteen years of martial arts training.

 He found he wanted to like the guy.

 His heart flared with hope that Sean Gallaway wasn’t one of those “all flash, no substance” one-trick ponies.

 He knew he should have introduced himself like a civilized human being and negotiated the use of the mats for his class—but there was a memory of his body being guided unwillingly in a circle and then falling on his back—and he liked it. He shivered at the memory of Sean’s light touch, his warm, long fingers on Asbjorn’s neck. Sean threw him onto his back with merely a twist of a hip and a sweep of a relaxed arm. Asbjorn knew, deep down, this shorter, smaller man had the ability to wipe the mat with him almost as readily as Tiger had done all those years ago.

 His desire to remain incognito was further fueled by the knowledge that Thorpe-sensei had wanted to cooperate with this Sean Gallaway, see what he could learn from him. It would take just a few weeks before Asbjorn would get a handle on the timing behind these simple throws.

 Just a few weeks during which he would be just another guy to this Sean Gallaway of the wild, sunshine hair and molten brown eyes. He didn’t know why, but when he thought of being thrown by Sean, of sparring with him, his breath quickened and he felt a feral grin form on his face.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just about the mats anymore.

Excerpt 2

Sean didn’t know. He never tried it. Burrows-sensei disapproved of contamination by other martial arts.

“Contaminating aikido by other arts would make it too easy to resort to violence,” he said, repeating the word he heard so many times. “If you are defending yourself, and if your timing is right and you keep the principles in mind, all you have to do is trust the technique to work.”

The response to his rehearsed words was action. Strong arms on his biceps and hips against his hip.

Asbjorn pushed him roughly against the brick wall of the building next to them.

“Do something, Sean.” Asbjorn’s voice was calm.

Sean was pinned.

He curled his wrists in and attempted to raise his arms, but with his hips immobilized, it was impossible to use his whole body. He could not simply curl a man like Asbjorn. Frustrated, he stomped on Asbjorn’s foot.

Asbjorn smiled. “Sometimes, your style will be incompatible with the style of somebody else. You can also be smaller or physically weaker.”

The stubborn set of Sean’s jaw told Asbjorn he tried to resist the impending feeling of humiliation and defeat. Sean said, “You’re saying there’s nothing I can do.”

“No. I’m saying you have to learn a few dirty tricks.”

“I can’t use my hands.”

“You can use your head, though. I’m close enough for a head-butt. If you hit my nose with your forehead, I’ll let go right quick.”

Asbjorn loosened his grip on Sean’s arms and slid his large hands onto the rough surface by Sean’s head. He kept his hips pressed forward, his face buried in Sean’s hair, and seemed disinclined to move.

“Sean.” Asbjorn’s voice was but a whisper.

“What are you doing?”

There was a pause before Asbjorn broke the silence. “I’m wondering that myself.”

Excerpt 3

THE QUALITY of silence around him awakened him. Sean strained his ears in vain for familiar sounds. The car traffic of Cambridge was replaced by the gray, early morning stillness of nearby woods. There was no sound of a clock ticking, no popping of ancient radiators, no footsteps of fellow students overhead. The silence was like a blanket of cool, morning fog, comforting and private.

He turned toward the source of breathing to his right. This was Sean’s first-ever opportunity to observe Asbjorn at leisure. His eyes, deep like the ocean blue, were closed, their pale eyelashes stretching down in a graceful arc. It amused Sean to find faded, sun-kissed freckles on Asbjorn’s nose and cheekbones—a testament to his heritage as well as to his lifestyle. The scar splitting his right eyebrow was still angry and red, a reminder of his bout with Don, a fight without a victor. Sean let his gaze travel down the chiseled planes of Asbjorn’s exquisite, sharp cheekbones, his lovely and defined jaw blurred by morning stubble, his stubborn chin. Above his chin, his lips: lush and generous and tinged pink with promise.

Sean leaned forward, sharing his breath with Asbjorn, feeling the stirrings of air on his nose. He brushed his lips against the stubbly jaw with a soft caress.

Asbjorn opened his pale lids. “What time is it, Sean?”

“I dunno. Early.” Sean reached for his cell phone, only to realize it was still in police custody.

“What day is it?” The pressure-cooker of recent events had left him disoriented.

“Uh, Thursday. Thanksgiving.” Asbjorn’s voice was still clogged with sleep.

“Shit.” Sean hit his head back against the pillow. The lab. He never handed in his stupid physics lab report.

Asbjorn reached for him with his large hands. “Shh. Don’t worry about anything right now.” Asbjorn’s voice soothed him. The strength of Asbjorn’s arms filled him with strange awareness as he was pulled in closer. The warmth was comforting, and he did not resist. He felt a cool nose nuzzle his neck.



“You’re not helping.”

“Not helping what?”

Sean blushed. “My morning situation.”

Sharp teeth worried the tan skin of his shoulder. Soon, a warm, wet tongue laved the nibbled skin smooth again. He felt sensuous lips taste of his arm and neck, and Sean felt himself arch. His morning wood was now a fearsome force of nature.

He felt Asbjorn press into his lower back, feeling his heat and the smooth hardness trapped between their bodies.

“Good to know I’m not alone in my predicament.”
 Author: Kate Pavelle 

Just about everything Kate Pavelle writes is colored by her life experiences, whether the book in your hand is romance, mystery, or adventure. Kate grew up under a totalitarian regime behind the Iron Curtain. In her life, she has been a hungry refugee and a hopeful immigrant, a crime victim and a force of lawful vengeance, a humble employee and a business owner, an unemployed free-lancer and a corporate executive, a scientist and an artist, a storyteller volunteering for her local storytelling guild, a martial artist, and a triathlete. Kate’s frequent travels imbue her stories with local color from places both exotic and mundane.Kate Pavelle is encouraged in her writing by her husband, children and pets, and tries not to kill her extensive garden in her free time. Out of the five and a half languages she speaks, English is her favorite comfort zone.

From Arlena's Book Reviews:  Breakfall  By Kate Pavelle

                                                          Title:  Breakfall [Book 1 of the Fall Trilogy]
Author:  Kate Pavelle
Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, LGBT, Romance
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 4

"Breakfall" by Kate Pavelle.....

What was this novel about?

"Sexual assault doesn't discriminate. Aikido instructor Sean Gallaway learns that when he falls prey to a violent stalker. Asbjorn Lund, a karate sensei on campus and a Navy vet, yearns to teach Sean how to survive. How to overcome. How to recover. Sean feels hunted and alone as the stalker escalates, testing his boundaries. With the entire dojo at his back, Sean resolves to play bait. He will catch the animal stalking him and reclaim his sense of self if it's the last thing he does. Yet Sean's hunger for justice clashes with Asbjorn's protective streak, and their budding romance might not survive their war of wills."

My thoughts from the read...

I thought what a interesting book cover and when I went on to find out what this novel was about  I thought this may be good so I read "Breakfall." And YES, it is about gay partners.   I must say I did like the martial arts going on but  I really wasn't able to follow it all  due to all of the references and its sayings?  However, I kept on reading and found the two main characters were definitely alpha males and after all that happens the main question will be will they be able to work it all out in the end?  There will have to be a lots of giving of space for one of the characters and for the other one to back off some  but isn't that what love is all about...being there for each other and the give and take?   Will these stubborn alpha males learn how to love each other while maintain their individuality?  Well,  I will not give any of it away other than to say you will have to pick up this read "Breakfall" to see how this will bring it all out to the reader.   You will have to wait and see because this author will leave the reader with a cliff hanger, so we will have to wait for the next trilogy!

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About The Book
What You Can Get Away With
Jared Riley, an aging semi-pro basketball player grabs for one last sexual venture before settling in for the lifestyle and comfort he signed up for when he married Lily. He is in explicitly drawn into the schemes of Alicia Connors, a young girl struggling to scratch her way out of a miserable existence who pursues Jared with a vengeance. One night of passion spirals into a series of unfortunate events that impacts his family in a way he never imagined.

Joyce A. Brown is a motivational speaker and author who uses her creative energy to give voice and meaning to the challenges women face in all walks of life. She grew up in Rockford, Illinois in a household of strong women, but her professional career expanded her reach into Peoria and Battle Creek, Michigan. She is a proud member of AKA Sorority, Inc. and has served as a direct services worker, executive director, program director for a major foundation, and an entrepreneur. Joyce has experienced many uplifting moments as a professional and as a dedicated parent and strives to bring those events and lessons to life through her characters in the contemporary fiction novels she pens.

Next we have.....

Love Runs Deep
After Tyler Bradford has a run in with the Chameleon, she finds herself gunned down and bleeding in the snow next to her best friend, Lorrain. Her entire world changes when Lorrain dies. She becomes determined to make the Chameleon pay for his crimes. However, she isn't the only one on a mission. The Chameleon is hunting her down to finish what he started. Their paths will cross, yet only one of them will accomplish their goal. Tyler's love for Lorrain runs deep, but will it be the very thing that gets her killed?

About The Author

Karen D. Bradley’s weakest link would become her saving grace in her life. In college, she found herself in a place where she needed an outlet for her haywire emotions, a way to focus to get through classes and to stabilize her world that seemed to be spinning out of control. Writing her first book, Shattered Illusions, helped her cope with the death of her father, the emotion upheaval and her changing family dynamics. In 2010, Karen’s world once again tilted off its axis leaving her scrambling to survive. Publishing her second book, Trifling Ways, became one of the ways she endured one of the most difficult times in her life. For her next project, Karen allowed her readers to select which book would be published next and they selected Tainted Love which was release June 2013. She gives a portion of the proceeds from the sales of her books to organizations that are designed to help others. Her current book, Love Runs Deep is available in trade paperback and e-book. Her next book, Black Diamond, is slated to be released in 2015. Find her on the web at



Every Woman Needs a Wife
A woman can have it all … a career, children, a not-so-perfect husband ... and his mistress. 
Every Woman Needs a Wife is the hilarious, but thought-provoking story of a wife who does the “unthinkable.” When Brandi walks in on her husband and his mistress she says, “If you’re going to cheat, then I need to get something out of it. The mistress needs to come home, clean my house, keep the kids and put some money on the bills, too.”
Bursting with originality and controversy, author Naleighna Kai has created a provocative, and at times heartwarming tale about an age-old problem that will strike a chord with all women.
Amazon Buy Link:

About The Author

Naleighna Kai is the national bestselling author of Open Door Marriage, Every Woman Needs a Wife, with a spin-off titled, The Pleasure’s All Mine. She is a contributing author to a New York Times Bestseller, an award-winning author, and The E. Lynn Harris Author of Distinction. Naleighna pens contemporary fiction, erotica, and speculative fiction and is currently working on her next novels: Was it Good For You Too?, Rich Woman's Fetish and Slaves of Heaven. Find her on the web at or www.everywomanneedsawife, and on Facebook and Twitter under Naleighna Kai.


and last we have...

About The Book

Blue Holiday has decided to call foul and leave her destructive marriage. But her cheating husband, Jaylin, decides he needs her money to survive and insists on a rematch. Usually, Blue would be game, but after discovering the depths of his depravity, she drops him from her roster of eligibles.  Unaccustomed to rejection, especially from his wife, Jaylin decides to take what he feels is rightfully his. Problem is, he forgot a woman in love will put up with a lot. But a woman enraged, she’ll let you think you’re winning, just before she snatches it all. Raging Blue a contemporary romance by author, Renee Daniel Flagler.

About The Author
Renee Daniel Flagler is an award-winning freelance journalist, teaching artist, and the award-nominated author of four novels, Mountain High Valley Low, Miss-Guided, In Her Mind and, Raging Blue. She teaches creative writing through public school’s Arts in Education programs. Renee resides in New York and is currently at work on her next novels, Still Raging, Society Wives and her first faith-based, nonfiction book entitled, The Relationship Survival Guide. Connect with Renee on Facebook, Twitter or online at

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The Next Stephen King? (Original Article from Florda Weekly) Keith Rommel "The Cursed Man"

he Next Stephen King? (Original Article from Florida Weekly) Keith Rommel "The Cursed Man"

Could author be the next Stephen King?

 Port St. Lucie writer Keith Rommel’s horror novel is being made into a motion picture! 
Special to Florida Weekly

The next Stephen King could surface in sunny South Florida.

With troubling titles such as “The Lurking Man,” “TheSinful Man” and “The Cursed Man”  now in productionas a motion-picture thriller author Keith Rommel hastaken on the tendencies of horror’s highness.

Wrote a reviewer at United Kingdom based BookLore of“The Cursed Man”: “This is a very well-written book, witha little bit of Stephen Kinglike horror. It will keep the readerinterested, and it is a gem of a story.”

“I’m a fan of Stephen King, and to even be compared to somebody like that is very humbling,” Mr.Rommel said. “You’re your own worst critic, so I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I’ll take thecompliment.”

While the 43-year-old Port St. Lucie resident has read a lot of King’s bestsellers, other authorshave influenced the writing style of the hobbyist-turned hopeful.

ROMMEL “Iris Johansen, she’s a good writer,” Mr. Rommel said. “I reallyliked ‘The Search.’”

He also admits the “Left Behind” apocalyptic-fiction series has made asmuch of an impression on him as his collection of comic books.
“I am a comic book nerd  nerd, nerd, nerd, through and through,” Mr.Rommel said.

He started buying comic books in elementary school after a teacher toldhim he had a reading-comprehension problem and prescribed “pictureswith words.”

“I couldn’t put the pieces together when you asked me what happened in the story, and myteacher said to start reading books that had pictures in them,” Mr. Rommel said. “And here I amat the age of 43, and I still buy comic books, much to my wife’s dismay.”

By day, the father of two works at Rocky’s Ace Hardware inTequesta. By night, he pens passages filled with crime,suspense and psychological fiction.

“I grew up working in retail and started to write as a hobby,” Mr.Rommel said. “It has been a fine balance being able to maintainthe demands of running a store, raising a family and writing. Themajority of my writing is done at night when the house goesquiet.

Q: Can you describe “The Cursed Man”?

A: “The Cursed Man” is based off of a family friend’s young-adult life.His mother is living inside his head, and he’s just trying to escapeher. The whole book, you’re trying to figure out whether this guy isnuts or not. It’s about abuse.

Maritza Brikisak plays Death in “The Cursed Man.”COURTESY PHOTOS

Q: How did you land a motion-picture deal?

A: I realized I had no PR, so I looked for reviewers toreview the book. I mailed out 15 books and got ninereviews  one who compared my writing to StephenKing. Who knew when I licked that stamp and put iton the envelope and sent it to the United Kingdomthat this would ever get the attention of a producer?

Q: When is the movie coming out?

A: Production started in February, and it’s supposed to wrap at the end of September. IntergalaxyEntertainment and James Perry are producing the movie in Pasadena, Calif.
 Q: You say your movie has something in common with Star Wars. What is it? Jim Tavaré as Terry in
“The Cursed Man.”

A: The moco [motion-control] crane that was used to film theDeath Star!
Q: How did your father serve as an inspiration for your work?

A: My father was a big advocate of my writing and oftenencouraged me to try and get published. When he passedaway from cancer, I was compelled to pursue publication andfound a home for “The Cursed Man” at Sunbury Press. Thefirst thing you see slapped in your face is my dedication to myfather.

Q: Where can readers buy your novels?

A: They can be purchased through any major bookseller,including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Q: What is your goal as a writer?

A: My ultimate goal is to share my work with people in hopes of removing them out of theireveryday stress and immerse them into a world of intrigue. If I was able to do my hobby as aliving, I would love to be able to write books full-time.

Q: Are you going to be rich and famous someday?

A: I can tell you right now if “The Cursed Man” is successful, “The Lurking Man” is going to be amovie. They have the book already. 

Write Now Literary Book Blast March 22, 2018 Featuring Authors: Angelia V. Menchan, Michelle D. Rayford, Naleighna Kai, & Pat Simmons

Write Now Literary is pleased to be coordinating a blog tour for fiction authors Angelia Vernon Menchan, Michelle D. Rayford, Naleigh...