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Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester...What a Read!

New from The Story PlantA special request Let's get viral.
Steven Manchester's next book will be out on January 6, 2015. Voted one of the Must Read Books of 2015 by Cyrus Webb PresentsGooseberry Island is sure to be the next hit from one of our #1 bestselling authors. The book looks at the budding relationship between Lindsay and David, who have to deal with David's deployment overseas and his recovery from the trauma he witnessed in the service of his country.

PTSD is one of the biggest problems facing soldiers as they return from war. As an experienced veteran himself, Steven Manchester understands that. That's why, during the promotion of this book, Steven and The Story Plant are going to be working toward helping returning veterans. And we need your help to do that.

From now until January 31, 2015, we will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project for every copy of Gooseberry Island that is pre-ordered and sold. All you have to do is email us a copy of y…

Trying to Outrun the Love of God.... Book Tour October-November 2014 By: Author Karen Adams

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FEATURING ......... Author Karen Adams


How can God reach someone who appears unreachable? Will the love of God be enough to break every chain and loose the trap of the enemy? In her debut book, Author Karen Adams struggles to understand how a loving God would allow life to be so unbearable. Facing childhood molestation, years of crack addiction, nervous breakdowns, and admissions to mental wards, she learned that no matter how difficult life was, God continued to extend His love. Trying to Outrun the Love of God, is a deeply moving story of one woman’s journey filled with suffering and pain, but one that ultimately finds wholeness and deliverance in the arms of a loving Savior. A must read for all those who think they are alone.
Karen Adams survived childhood molestation, 7 years of crack addiction, 4 nervous breakdown, two admissions to mental wards of hospitals against her will. She is no…

Breakfall {Book 1 Of The Fall Trilogy} By: Kate Pavelle

Excerpt 1
AS ASBJORN helped the others put the mats away, he realized he had had a surprisingly good time. He saw no good reason to reveal his identity as the new karate club teacher. Not yet. Staying incognito for a little while longer appealed to him, and Sean Gallaway caught his attention as someone interesting. There was a sense of centered power within him, a sense of playful relaxation that Asbjorn had encountered only a few times in his fifteen years of martial arts training.
He found he wanted to like the guy.
His heart flared with hope that Sean Gallaway wasn’t one of those “all flash, no substance” one-trick ponies.
He knew he should have introduced himself like a civilized human being and negotiated the use of the mats for his class—but there was a memory of his body being guided unwillingly in a circle and then falling on his back—and he liked it. He shivered at the memory of Sean’s light touch, his warm, long fingers on Asbjorn’s neck. Sean threw him onto his back with me…


About The Book What You Can Get Away With Jared Riley, an aging semi-pro basketball player grabs for one last sexual venture before settling in for the lifestyle and comfort he signed up for when he married Lily. He is in explicitly drawn into the schemes of Alicia Connors, a young girl struggling to scratch her way out of a miserable existence who pursues Jared with a vengeance. One night of passion spirals into a series of unfortunate events that impacts his family in a way he never imagined.

Joyce A. Brown is a motivational speaker and author who uses her creative energy to give voice and meaning to the challenges women face in all walks of life. She grew up in Rockford, Illinois in a household of strong women, but her professional career expanded her reach into Peoria and Battle Creek, Michigan. She is a proud member of AKA Sorority, Inc. and has served as a direct services worker, executive director, program director for a major foundation, and an entrepreneur. Jo…

The Next Stephen King? (Original Article from Florda Weekly) Keith Rommel "The Cursed Man"

he Next Stephen King? (Original Article from Florida Weekly) Keith Rommel "The Cursed Man" CouldauthorbethenextStephenKing? PortSt.LuciewriterKeithRommel’shorrornovelisbeingmadeintoamotionpicture! BYAMYWOODS SpecialtoFloridaWeekly