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Forty Day of Grace: A Prayer Devotional By: Author Elder Kim Y. Jackson

Author is giveaway one copy of Forty Days of Grace and Journal. Enter contest below. Book Title: Forty Days of Grace: A Prayer Devotional Paperback: 140 pages Publisher: God's Glory (December 18, 2014) ISBN-10: 0974374938 ISBN-13: 978-0974374932
 About The Book Forty Days of Grace is a prayer devotional full of wisdom orchestrated by God to manifest His purpose through a chosen nation. As you read Forty Days of Grace, God will daily impart into you revelation and knowledge for strength and encouragement. On each page God depicts His grace given for you to complete the work He has chosen for you to do. Everyone who takes the journey through Forty Days of Grace can anticipate receiving God’s triumphant Victory. As you travel within the pages of Forty Days of Grace - A Prayer Devotional, the power of God is unveiled for you to know that His Grace is Sufficient and for you to daily experience His Abundant Grace.
About The Author Elder Kim Y. Jackson, M. Divinity is a licensed Elder at Greater…

Book Blast and Book Giveaway, January 15, 2015 from Author Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland


Book Blast and Book Giveaway, January 15, 2015 Free   Autographed Paperback
Title: Seven Days of Redemption
Genre: Devotional About The Book....
Having her innocence stolen at the age of four, she would grow up relentlessly betrayed, oppressed, and longing for unconditional love. In Seven Days of Redemption, the companion devotional to the inspirational memoir, “Cinderella’s Still Going to the Ball”, Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland gives an exclusive glimpse inside her process of healing and restoration. This devotional is a seven-day journey of strength, acceptance and grace. Endowing you with the irresistible unction to shout, I Am Redeemed!!
About the Author...Dr. Shaunte’ McFarland
Instead of giving you a formal third person description of myself, I’m going to be transparent. The same way I present myself in ministry, my book, my blog, the way I am in real life. I’m passionate, enlightening and formalities may dilute the true message of what I want to deliver. I grew up a small town girl w…