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Book Blast: New Book Release: May 26, 2016 "Saved By Grace" By Author Natasha C. Pointer

Genre: Poetry/ Christian/Autobiography Book Title: Saved By Grace Author: Natasha C. Pointer ISBN-10: 1937129446 ISBN-13: 978-1937129446

About the Book

Saved By Grace is an Autobiography told thru poetry about her life, the hardships she faced, but most importantly how she overcame it all through prayer, faith, and steadfastness. Poetry to touch the lives of others, to inspire someone, to encourage, and to bring joy in someone’s life. This book is filled with great hope for those facing life’s most challenging moments. As a storyteller, Natasha shares where she found her greatest strengths through prayer, faith and her steadfastness.

About The Author

Author | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur