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Breakfall {Book 1 Of The Fall Trilogy} By: Kate Pavelle

Excerpt 1
AS ASBJORN helped the others put the mats away, he realized he had had a surprisingly good time. He saw no good reason to reveal his identity as the new karate club teacher. Not yet. Staying incognito for a little while longer appealed to him, and Sean Gallaway caught his attention as someone interesting. There was a sense of centered power within him, a sense of playful relaxation that Asbjorn had encountered only a few times in his fifteen years of martial arts training.
He found he wanted to like the guy.
His heart flared with hope that Sean Gallaway wasn’t one of those “all flash, no substance” one-trick ponies.
He knew he should have introduced himself like a civilized human being and negotiated the use of the mats for his class—but there was a memory of his body being guided unwillingly in a circle and then falling on his back—and he liked it. He shivered at the memory of Sean’s light touch, his warm, long fingers on Asbjorn’s neck. Sean threw him onto his back with me…