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Friday Night Love New Release Tour May 5-16, 2014 With Author: Tia McCollors

Friday Night Love New Release Online Tour with
                               Author Tia Collors......

                                  About the Book

Zenja Maxwell was widowed in her twenties; she never thought she’d be a divorcée, too. Yet that’s the destiny she resigns herself to after learning of her husband’s dalliance with infidelity and kicking him out of the house. She plans a cruise with her best friend, Caprice, to take her mind off Roman and celebrate moving on with her life.

But Caprice won’t let her give up that easily, especially when Roman seems committed to reconciling. She and her husband invite Zenja and Roman to Friday Night Love, a weekly event for couples. Zenja hesitates, but the promise of food and fellowship prevails. She figures she can put up with Roman for one night.
At the events, the women are issued a series of Bible-based challenges designed to help them cultivate respect for their husband. Zenja struggles at first; she isn’t even sure she wants to rekindle the relationship. But Roman is persistent in his pursuit of her, even when he finds out that she nearly cheated on him. Through tragedies, triumphs, and trusted friends, the couple learns never to underestimate the Author of marriage when husbands and wives surrender to Him.

                           About the Author
Tia McCollors used to dream of being a television news anchor, but her destiny led her behind the pages instead of in front of the cameras. After earning a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications from UNC-Chapel Hill, she went on to build a successful career in the public relations industry. In 1999, a job layoff prompted Tia to discover and pursue a writing career as an author. Following the birth of her son in 2006, she left the corporate arena to focus on her family and her expanding writing and speaking business.

Tia’s first novel, A Heart of Devotion, was an Essence Magazine bestseller. She followed her popular debut with four other inspirational novels including Zora’s Cry, The Truth About Love, The Last Woman Standing, and Steppin’ Into The Good Life. In 2012, she released If These Shoes Could Talk, her first devotion book of The Prissy Purse Devotions series. Friday Night Love is Tia’s sixth novel. 

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Friday Night Love New Release Tour with Tia McCollors
               Review of Friday Night Love....

Title:  Friday Night Love
Author:  Tia McCollors
Publisher: Whitaker House
Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean
Rating: 5
"Friday Night Love" by Tia McCollors was a beautiful Christian fiction.  The author presented the readers with a wonderful well written story of  the Maxwell's...Zenja and Roman.


This story will take you though a marriage that is falling apart due to a 'dalliance with infidelity on the part of her husband, Roman.'  The only thing that Zenja wants is her husband gone from her life and precedes to help him pack up so he can leave, however that plan doesn't go as she plans, for he will return.   This novel will take the reader through quite a story from going on a cruise and Zenja meeting a old friend. How will this friend tie into this picture?   One thing that is for sure Zenja truly  has a friend named Caprice. For she is truly a woman of God and will introduce her friend Zenja to the 'seven step plan she has developed in her ministry called "Friday Night Love." 

What was this "Friday Night Love?"  from a quote:

"Over the course of seven weeks, the plan outlines a series

of assignments based on Ephesians 5:33, helping a wife

to cultivate respect for her husband. Rekindling their

relationship takes a lot of work, especially when the man

with whom Zenja nearly cheated on Roman refuses to

step out of the picture. Will their commitment to honor

God with their marriage pay off in the end?"

I don't want to spoil it so you will have pick up "Friday Night Love" to see how this author will bring it all out to the reader. Be prepared from the novel to  see how hearts be broken, mended,  uplifted, forgiveness, trust, faith  and in the end will there be  a 'commitment to honor God.'  So, will their marriage (Zenja and Roman Maxwell) be able to be saved? 
The characters in this novel were simple off the chart...good,  all well developed, defined, interesting, real, colorful, well portrayed and believable... only to have the reader not wanting to put this book down until the end.


This was not only the hero and heroine's  story but the issue that seemed to be solved between the daughter in law and mother in law was quite intriguing story  after it was all was cleared up.  To understand more with that you will have to pick up:  "Friday Night Love." 

"Friday Night Love" was really a very good  Christian story that will even help anyone who is going through this type of situation.  I found it the novel  a powerful read that will leave you laughing at some it, along with even shedding some tears...yes it was indeed one of those novels that will even stay with you long after you have finished the read.  Would I recommend? Yes, it is definitely one of those good reads that once you start reading you will find it hard to put down until the end. 

Thank you Author McCollors for such a beautiful Christian story....

Arlena Dean

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