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Book Title: Mind Matters: Get Out of Your Head and Jump Into Life 
               Publication Date: October 27,2015 
               Genre: Self-help/Motivational & inspirational 
               Author: Tanya Miller 

                             ABOUT THE BOOK...

Do you ever get lost in the maze of your mind? When your thoughts start spiraling in a continuous loop—positive or negative—it can seem impossible to consider a different idea or even catch your breath. If the way you think greatly influences the way you live, then it’s important to know how to manage your thoughts and channel their power to improve your life,
rather than hinder it from replacing anxious thoughts with hopeful ones to curbing unnecessary Mind Matters explores practical ways you can bring balance to your thought life,
thinking altogether. It also points out traps that keep you stuck, like As you learn the 
art of controlling your thoughts, you will be able to focus on “clearing your mind” by airing your thoughts to anyone that will listen via Facebook or the occasional tantrum and outburst. What you can do in the present to experience the life you want in the future. You canimmediately put into practice. Whether you struggle with anxious thoughts or just need a 
few tips to better manage your mind, this easy-to-read guide provides you with simple 

                                      ABOUT THE AUTHOR....
Tanya J. Miller is a certified life coach with over eighteen year’experience working with youth, young adults, and women throughout the community and in ministry to pursue purpose, passion and 
destiny. Tanya holds a BBA in finance and business management from
Northwood University and an MBA from Regent University and is also certified as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Scrum Master. 
Her lifelong passion for writing eventually led her to start the blog Talking with Tanya in 2005. Mind Matters is her debut book. 
Tanya is married and currently lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth 

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  1. Arlena of Arlena's Book Reivews, thank you so much for choosing to feature our debut release Mind Matters! We so appreciate the love, and we hope the ABR blog family enjoys these books as much as we enjoyed writing them!

    Oh and please know we have more to come too! Our next release, Things My Mama Said is due out Mother's Day weekend - we're super excited!

    So ABR family connect with us @ because we have our books, apparel, online courses, and our blog - Talking with Tanya waiting on you!

    We love what we do because we are all about doing life and leadership unapologetically on purpose! #Wedolifeandleadership #TalkingwithTanya #Thanksforthelove

    Tanya J. Miller

  2. Dear Tanya:
    You are so welcome. It was a pleasure to put this on my blog site for you. Your title sounds interesting and I do plan to check it out. The best to you!


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